AUGUST 27th & 28th , 2009

Show Venue:
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90401
ph: 213.627.2087 | fax: 213.627.2054

CLASS is the ultimate California experience. Fusing the laid back yet invigorating 70's beach vibe (retailers are offered spa treatments and surf lessons, amongst other things) with a progressive eco-initiative (a rain garden from Rock N' Renew for starters), CLASS brings together the best of all worlds and offers the most unique trade show there is to date. Where other trade shows have rapidly become a feeding frenzy of mass market retailers and overcrowded, uninspired designers, CLASS seeks to be the exact opposite. Instead, CLASS is an exclusive, curated group of hard-to-find prestige designers who aren't looking for mass exposure to tons of eyes that don't matter - they want quality over quantity.

Please download the AUGUST 2009 APPLICATION and fax the completed and signed application Attn: Jenn to 213.627.2054 (fax)

Or, you may EMAIL your request for a AUG 2009 application to or contact us at 213.627.2054

Class Trade Show is a juried event. We review applicants based on specific criteria and require the following for the review process:

You may also MAIL your registration request and the items listed above to the following address:

860 S. Los Angeles Street, Suite 407
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Class Trade Show accepts applications up to 30 days before the show date based upon availability. Space is limited and first come first served. If you have any questions, please call 213.627.2087 or email

Please EMAIL or CALL Liz Farmer, Class Trade Show Retail Coordinator. Only valid retailers and their employees will be admitted Class.

Badges will be available for pick-up on show site for buyers that are pre-registered. We strongly encourage pre-registration to avoid lines when arriving at the show.

Class Trade Show Retail Coordinator:

Liz Farmer 213.627.2087 phone